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Brantley Ridge Farm is a family-owned cattle and timber farm consisting of 940  rolling acres in Marion County, Georgia. Located six miles north of Buena Vista, the farm lays on the ridge that separates the Flint River drainage basin from the Chattahoochee River drainage basin and has dramatic views of the Chattahoochee Valley.

The farm is a mixture of pasture and timber with the timber having been thinned to allow the growth of native grasses and other vegetation. Our paddocks are designed to allow cattle to have access to both pastures and woodland in order to exist in a natural setting with a low stocking rate of cattle.

Our breeds of cattle consists of Pineywoods, Milking Devon, Florida Crackers, and Highlands. All of these breeds are monitored by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy with the Pineywoods, Milking Devons and Florida Crackers having been designated as having a critical status.

We are dedicated to the preservation of these breeds in a low stress natural environment. It is our philosophy that breeds grown in our environment produce a low fat product that is healthy, and best of all, tastes good.

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